St.Thomas Day Message From Our Spiritual Director

The Feast of 'Dukhrana' extentes a warm wishes to all our brothers and sisters who have come in contact with us to date. We also proud to gift to you all with the blessed Easter message from Our Spiritual Director: Bishop Mathew Vaniakizhakkel VC, Diocese of Satna


Dear friends in Jesus Christ,

Today we are celebrating the 'Dukhrana' or the commemoration of the martyrdom of St. Thomas the Great Apostle of Jesus Christ. 2000 years have passed since the seed of Christianity has been in India the great land of sages and world religions. We are greatly indebted to St. Thomas, our Father in Faith, for the precious gift of the Gospel Of God's unfailing love for mankind. We have every reason to rejoice on account of this great apostle. I extend to you all the blessings of the day.

We know that the church is built on the foundation of the faith of the apostles and the apostles themselves are the pillars of this foundation. Therefore, the authority and guarantee of our faith depends on how we relate ourselves to the deposit of the faith handed over to us by apostolic tradition. The Gospel procla- imed to us by St.Thomas is his own faith experience of Jesus Christ.

The uniqueness of the Christ-experience of St.Thomas very well reflected in the three Johnnine texts regarding him. He was ready even to forsake his life for his master (Jn 11:16). He realised that Jesus Christ, the Son of God is the Way, the Truth and the Life (Jn 14:16). The climax of his faith in Jesus was expressed in a most fitting manner in his famous confession "My Lord, My God" (Jn 20:26)

With this shining example in front of our eyes let us think of our faith today. How we are worthy to be called the disciples of St.Thomas, who preached the gospel of universal love and freedom envisaged by Jesus Christ. How this message transforms us and is instrumental in transforming the lives of the missions in this new millennium.

Let us all wholeheartedly pledge to live and share the Christ-experience which St.Thomas shared with us, even more intensely with the people around.

Lovingly yours,
Bishop Mathew Vaniakizhakkel,

Diocese  of Satna.